The top fashion capitals of the world

The world's top fashion capitals

Every city has its own style. This is evident not only in culture, history and architecture, but also in the fashion scene. But which are the most important fashion capitals? And where do people dress more casually, where chic and elegant?

Berlin: Fashion Mecca with a unique style

Berlin is considered a place to be when it comes to fashion. Here we try out and experiment, always looking for individual, exciting trends.

Stylish and cool-the look of the Berliners. Photo: berlinpicture s/

Every year, the designers present their latest creations at Berlin Fashion Week, attracting celebrities and fashionistas to the Spree. The special thing about it: In contrast to established fashion fairs in Milan, Paris and New York, where well-known brands such as Gucci, Prada or Chanel show their fashion, Fashion Week also offers young German designers a platform. You will find in the capital a creative environment to implement their cool and stylish design ideas. Local labels are also conquering the world's catwalks from here. Above all, Berlin stands for young design and innovative ideas. Personality and individuality are in the foreground in the typical Berlin streetwear. Important sources of inspiration are the club culture and art scene. Sneakers are worn with evening dress, patterns, cuts and colors are combined wildly. It is allowed and desirable to attract attention. With a constantly varying mix of old and new, careless and high quality, the Berliners constantly put their looks in the limelight.

London calling: Mode made in England

The capital on the Thames fits seamlessly into the ranks of the world's important fashion capitals. Trends made in London are above all provocative, eccentric, rocky-and that is what makes London so exciting as a fashion city.

In the early 1960 s, the British fashion designer Mary Quant invented the mini skirt in London; In the mid-seventies, Vivienne Westwood established punk rock in fashion from there, and the London designer Paul Smith created a completely new style with his designs: Many influences from the British metropolis have shaped the international fashion world. And even today, new trends are constantly being created here.

London lives up to its title as the birthplace of punk: the looks that newcomer talents present twice a year at London Fashion Week are just as experimental as the provocative designs by Vivienne Westwood from the seventies. This is now a fixed date in the international show calendar and stands above all for its extravagant, avant-garde shows. The capital is multicultural and international-this is also reflected in the coexistence of the most diverse trends. For example, English country house chic and classic evergreens meet casual street style, influenced by punk and underground. Noble classics such as the famous Burberry trench coat are mixed with flea market bargains and vintage clothing; Women wear biker leather jackets and rough boots with elegant dresses, men wear designer jackets with casual jeans in a used look. London fashion is pure inspiration for all fashion fans who love a versatile style.

New York: Fashion from the Big Apple

New York is considered the most important fashion metropolis in the world. Photo: Nick Starichenk o/

New York City is a city of superlatives. Everything is bigger, higher, faster-imposing skyscrapers, unlimited freedom and possibilities. This also applies to fashion: It is not without reason that the city on the Hudson River is the most important fashion metropolis in the world.

Every year in February and September, New York Fashion Week marks the start of the annual worldwide fashion weeks. All labels with rank and names such as Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs or Victoria Beckham present their collections. The over 50 main shows are the fashion event of the year, numerous stars and starlets, actors, models and it-girls are present.

Inspiration for creative styling ideas can be found all over the streets of New York: The street style of New Yorkers is unique and legendary. The cool outfits of Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively in the series “Sex and the City” and “Gossip Girl” made fashion history. No matter where you are, you can see unique looks on every corner of New York. The style of the New York interior is as multifaceted as the people and the city itself. While in Manhattan there are rather clean outfits with expensive designer parts, experimentation is very important in the cool districts of Soho and Brooklyn. The outfits of the stylish New Yorkers are often daring, colorful and characterized by a break in style. For designer couture, they like to combine parts from pop and subcultures or street wear. No matter whether casual or chic: the looks are always creative, courageous and self-confident.

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