OR! Correction glasses and glazing available now!

From now on you have the opportunity to order corrective glasses online in addition to our sunglasses. Due to the great demand for glasses with eyesight, you also have the opportunity to order almost all glasses in the shop now with eyesight. The following are a few explanations:

Correction glasses

By correction glasses we understand "normal" glasses with bright glasses. From now on we offer you correction and sunglasses in 90% of our collections. The offer here will be constantly expanded...

Order without eyesight

The order without eyesight does not differ from the usual order of sunglasses. Just add the item to the shopping cart and complete the order process. This method is useful in the following cases:

    • You want to test the frame first (seat, quality, look). If the model suits you, you can send the composure back to us and we glaze it to your values.

    • You want to wear the frame without eyesight.

    • You would like to do the glazing at another time.

Order with eyesight

The new possibility in our shop! From now on you can select the option "Glazing with eyesight" under the product price. This method is useful in the following cases:

  • You know what your composure and you want.

  • You would like to get your glasses glazed as soon as possible

  • ATTENTION: If you should glaze the glasses with eyesight, we can only reimburse the version price for a return. The surcharge for 1.60 and 1.67 glasses is not refundable because this is an individual production.

As soon as you click "Yes" here, 3 more choices will open:

  • Glasart:

  1. Standard plastic glass 1.50, this type of glass is always included in the price as standard and is recommended for values up to/- 2.00 diopters. (In some cases a standard glass is not possible due to the design of the frame)

  2. Thin plastic glass 1.60, this type of glass has a surcharge and is recommended for values up to/- 4.00 diopters.

  3. Very thin plastic glass 1.67, this type of glass also has a surcharge and is recommended for values up to/- 7.50 diopters.

If you are unsure, or if you need individual advice, open our live chat at the bottom left or send us an email to info@city-optikhaus.de

  • Glass finishing:

  1. Super-anti-reflection, hardening, UV protection, we manufacture all types of glass always and exclusively with this full mirror.

  • Glass Tint:

  1. Without tint, if you want your glasses as normal viewing glasses.

  2. 85% brown if you want your glasses 85% brown.

  3. 85% gray,If you want your glasses 85% gray.

  4. 85% green,If you want your glasses to be 85% green.

You can thus also individually according to your needs, e.g. Correction frames with sunglasses glaze glass or make sunglasses with light glasses.

Entering the eyesight

In order to make the process as easy as possible, you do not have to specify any values when ordering. We will contact you by email after ordering and help you with the entry. So it can't happen to you to order glasses that do not correspond to your values.

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