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Mini Sonnenbrillen

In the style of the stars: micro-small sunglasses for a grand entrance

The trend is not new, because what is popular in 2018 when it comes to sunglasses was already up to date the year before. And even then, the minimally sized frames had already made fashion history. But they are just too funny to disappear from the scene again. Our little excursion tells you where the micro glasses come from, who wears them and who they look best on:

Trendy accessory with history

The tiny glasses have their origins in the last millennium - more precisely on March 31, 1999, the release date of the science fiction film "The Matrix". It surprised critics and audiences with an intelligent story, extraordinary special effects and a catchy soundtrack.

The secret stars of the film, however, were the costume designers: they gave the protagonists a wardrobe that was as simple as it was eye-catching and ensured that previously fetish materials suddenly became socially acceptable. At the same time, numerous accessories of the main characters found their way into everyday life.

In addition to slider phones and calf-high lace-up boots, tiny sunglasses also conquered the fashion market. the hearts of the fans.

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This is what the fashion blogger recommends

Now the micro frames are back and the current versions look cooler than ever. This is made possible by a large selection of different shapes and colors. In addition to classic black and metallic tones, the mini sunglasses are also available in flattering brown or clear white, making them suitable for almost any outfit.

But be careful! Wearing Matrix-style sunglasses requires a delicate touch and skill in combining different pieces. You can make the first mistake when you put them on - because the frame is not placed over the bridge of the nose, but in the middle of the bridge of the nose. This means that the sun protection effect for your eyes is lost, but you look at least as casual as mini-glasses fan Rihanna.

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The prerequisite for this is that you have a rather narrow face with soft features. They are pleasantly contrasted by the small frames. Angular faces with a masculine touch, on the other hand, make them appear unnecessarily hard - unless you want to create this boyish look on purpose and appear as ethereal as elf queen Tilda Swinton.

In addition, you should not wear the it accessory with an all-black outfit - instead, combine it with feminine blouses and jumpsuits or a decidedly sporty look of casual jeans and a simple long sleeve.

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