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The Top Magazine Saarland visited us and reported on us in an exclusive report. "Mister Brück's flair for exclusive perspective-City Optikhaus in Merzig impresses with unusual top collections". With this great headline, Saarland's most exclusive magazine reports on our philosophy, the tradition in the company and the right feeling for the perfect glasses.

The following is the complete report:

Extravagant, unusual, fashionably chic in the highest quality, elegant and stylish, simply extraordinary... Elton John would be a regular customer of the City Optikhaus in Merzig. Everything the market has to offer in terms of collections is literally "on the nose": Cazal in all facets, Moscot in unmistakable aesthetics, Lindberg with exclusive materials from titanium to gold to platinum, Andy Wolf handmade unique items, Mykita from the 3-D printer, coblens super light and distinctive, Thom Browne uncompromising quality, Masahiro Maruyama Jérôme Boateng has what it takes, Garrett light classic with a feeling for current trends... everything your heart desires, pure eye candy, "eyewear" in the most modern form. It's fun to see here in a chic and familiar atmosphere, here you don't wear glasses, here you want to have one and belong.

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Quality and Service
For over 30 years, Christian Brück has provided his customers with an exclusive perspective. He took over the City Optikhaus in downtown Merzig ten years ago. Today the master optician runs the business together with his son Joel and his team with seven employees. The trademark: collections from all over the world that can hardly be found anywhere else in the whole of Saarland. But it is not only the out-of-the-ordinary variety of brands that attracts customers far beyond the borders of the Saarland, but also the trappings. Personal and professional support, service and quality are convincing. Glasses, for example, come exclusively from Rupp Hubrach Optik from Bamberg. The latest trend: Eyedrive for motorists. Around 50 percent fewer reflexes on the glass make driving at night almost a pleasure again. Or specially made glasses for computer work, a must in today's digital world.

Inspiration and tradition
Classic models, unusual brands, sunglasses, contact lenses, special offers… there is something for everyone. But the committed team not only impresses with great collections, the most modern devices provide a great perspective down to the smallest detail. “We were the first in Saarland with the so-called wavefront device,” says Christian Brück, who has been in the profession for over 40 years and remains enthusiastic. Digitally measure eyesight in all variations, the data is immediately available via iPad. The small but fine workshop next door also testifies to the digital age. Incidentally, the motivated team gets the latest trends at trade fairs in Paris, Munich and Milan. Eyewear is pure fashion. Le dernier pri: The round has to go into the square, oval is the trend, away from the horn and towards the metal. The Brücks just have the right feeling.

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