These are the most important sunglasses trends in 2018

Trend 2018 - Mini Sonnenbrille

Thin frames, transparent lenses and a touch of the 90s - these keywords sum up the sunglasses trends for 2018. Instead of mirrored lenses, simple models now dominate the beach and the city. But there can be no talk of understatement. Because cool shapes are in. The very brave now opt for bright, colored glasses. Which models can you use to make a fashion statement this season?

Reminiscences of the 60s: Retro Sunglasses

After the oversized sunglasses of recent years, the Cat Eye glasses have heralded the change in 2017. Italian labels such as Gucci have brought cat eyes, which give their wearer an incredibly feminine look, back to the catwalks in such a lasting way that even in 2018 no one can ignore this shape of glasses. Oval faces in particular can benefit from this frame. But it’s not just the lenses that are getting narrower. Narrow frames with tinted lenses are particularly popular right now. The designers show courage in using colour. In addition to candy colors and red tones, it is now mainly yellow glasses that bloggers are increasingly presenting. This automatically creates a hippie flair. If you want to travel to the same time but want something a little more elegant, opt for sunglasses with oval lenses à la Brigitte Bardot or the plastic models in geometric shapes by US eyewear designer Garrett Leight. The trend becomes unusual when transparent lenses and a transparent, often oversized plastic frame are combined.

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Round sunglasses between simple and opulent

A square or heart-shaped face needs a round contrast. It's a good thing that round shapes are one of the sunglasses trends for 2018. The designers rely on both small lenses and opulent oversized frames. In addition, feminine decorations are becoming increasingly visible on the frames. If you prefer a more understated luxury design, the stylish models by Austrian Andy Wolf are the perfect choice. Its round sunglasses are presented as unisex models. They adapt perfectly to different outfits and score points with a material mix of metal and acetate. The titanium models from the Koblenz-based eyewear manufacturer Coblens are also elegant and can be worn by both sexes, and they focus on a well-balanced interplay between trend and timeless design.

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Stars like Rihanna rely on extra narrow sunglasses

Extra narrow sunglasses are another trend that bloggers have been setting for some time. Even stars like Rihanna are now increasingly seen wearing the mini models and no longer hide their faces behind XXL frames. Some of these models are reminiscent of the Matrix movies of the 90s. The reminiscence of the world of science fiction makes these sunglasses appear as futuristic as they are retro. Style icons add a touch of glamour to the space look with models from the Berlin manufacturer Mykita .

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Oldies but Goldies: Pilotenbrillen

Aviator glasses have been a must-have among sunglasses for 80 years. However, the classic shape is getting an upgrade this season. The drop-shaped glasses are reinterpreted. The thin frame and the narrow metal temples remain, but now the masculine classic can also be fitted with transparent lenses with a touch of pastel. Other designers rely on gentle color gradients and filigree metal elements. This makes the aviator-style glasses suitable for the office too. Jordan Silver, an eyewear designer from New York, counts aviator glasses among the "sexiest" frames ever. It is therefore not surprising that the characteristic second bridge has also spread to other shapes of glasses and is now increasingly seen on round, oval or geometric models.

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The agony of choice: statement or classic?

2018 is the year in which anything seems possible when it comes to sunglasses. Gucci has shown the way by over-dimensioning aviator glasses and the motto "more is more" also applies to many other models. This leads to oversized statement sunglasses. The counterpoint to this is: classic black. Dark lenses and a black plastic frame are wonderfully understated and do not distract from your summer outfit. This means that even those who are not keen on experimenting can always achieve the perfect appearance.

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