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Glasses are the heart of any glasses. Because this is the only way to get a perfect perspective in work and everyday life. Innovative ideas have become increasingly popular in recent years. For this reason, you can also use a variety of lens technologies when choosing your glasses in 2018 in order to experience every moment crystal clear. For all fashionistas, light-tinted glasses are particularly popular this year.

EyeScreen glasses: perfect for screen work

Many people these days look at a digital screen for many hours. It doesn't matter whether it's the smartphone, the tablet or the monitor of the PC at home or in the office. When looking at digital screens, your eyes work at full speed in order to be able to record the entire spectrum of perception. The lens manufacturer Rupp Hubrach recommends using glasses with eye screen technology when looking at a screen at regular intervals. This technology promises a razor-sharp resolution and high contrasts with simultaneous protection for the eyes. People who normally do not wear glasses also benefit from the advantages. The IntenseRefresh technology relieves the eyes-regardless of whether they have poor eyesight. Eye Screen is now available from us in Merzig.

Eye Drive: For people who drive a lot

There are many people who do not like to drive a car at night due to poor visibility. Because the change between darkness and the sudden glare caused by an oncoming vehicle not only disrupts the view, but can also completely mess up the sensory perception for a moment. EyeDrive glasses were created for such situations. These are equipped with Reflect Control technology and reduce glare by up to 90 percent. Find out now about Eyedrive in your eyesight in our store.

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More comfort for progressive glasses wearers

There is also a world first in the field of progressive glasses: SiiA. This is a varifocal glasses concept in which the glasses adapt to the movement behavior of the wearer and not the other way around. For this purpose, postures that are carried out during daily activities and other individual data are determined in advance and integrated into the high-performance concept SiiA. SiiA even corrects the changed lighting conditions at night and ensures clear contrasts and sharper vision. By the way, there is the possibility for varifocal glasses wearers to adjust the glasses to your handedness using intuitively technology, i.e. whether you write with right or left. By taking into account the handedness in the manufacture of the glasses, your viewing area is increased by up to 35 percent. Siia progressive lenses with intuitive technology are exclusively available from us in Merzig.

The perfect color selection for tinted glasses

Switching between optical glasses and sunglasses can be a real hassle, especially in the bright summer, when exercising or driving. For this purpose, you can have your glasses fitted with Transitions technology and get tinted glasses if necessary. The glasses of your everyday glasses are colorless and clear indoors, but adapt to the sunlight with the UV radiation and become pleasantly dark. In terms of color, the 2018 trends for sunglasses glasses are clearly in the range of lighter tones. Yellow and red glasses in particular are very popular. But also running glasses in the colors azure blue, Nile green or brown are an absolute "must-have" for fashionistas. Adapted to the color of your glasses frame, the tinted glasses result in a total work of art that gives you the perfect perspective in every situation.

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