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Nils Käsemann und Ralf Schmidt Coblens Gründer

Today we would like to introduce you to a new format on our blog: "10 questions to ...".
With 10 questions to ... we will introduce you to the minds and makers of the optics industry, give you exclusive insights behind the scenes and, with our interviews, present interesting news about the individual collections.

We start our premiere with a duo. Nils Kaesemann and Ralf Schmidt are the founders of Coblens, one of our top brands. Several models are among the bestsellers this season. You can find our selection of sunglasses here...

And now, enjoy reading!

1. How did you two meet?

We have actually known each other for more than 40 years! Since we were born in the same town on the Moselle, our paths crossed in the local kindergarten.

2. To what extent were you already rooted in optics before?

We were the managing partners of NIKA Optics GmbH in Winningen/Mosel from 1991 to 2010. NIKA Optics sells spectacle lenses in all imaginable variations to opticians in Germany and Austria.

3. When and how did the idea of “COBLENS” come about?

After we sold NIKA Optics to Essilor in 2010, we looked for a new field of activity. Also in the field of optics, but this time in the fashion segment of the industry.

4. How important was “Made in Germany” to you?

The “Made in Germany” label continues to open up international markets and gives us a more direct and better influence on quality and production processes.

5. Your start was bumpy, but you stayed true to your style. What makes you successful today?

We have continuously developed and worked a lot on the details. We have adapted our designs to the spirit of the times and benefit from the general fashion trend towards metal glasses. A good example is our “Autopilot” model. (see social media channels) Here the zeitgeist was captured perfectly.

6. At the beginning you also had plastic frames – is that an issue for the future or are you staying true to your motto “We are Titanium”?

We are and will remain fully “on Titan”. All new models and lines are based on this great material.

7. A special feature is your colored sample glasses – how did that come about?

Due to our time as “lens dealers” we have a knack for lenses and relationships with factories. It pays off here.

8. You run your own COBLENS store, which also sells other labels. What is special about a COBLENS store?

On the one hand, we have the complete COBLENS collection in all colors in our COBLENS store in Koblenz and on the other hand brands from friendly independent labels. Often glasses are made of special materials such as wood, carbon or horn. Overall, we limited ourselves to less than 10 eyewear labels.

9. A little look into the future, what can we expect from you in the coming years?!

We will expand our current collection and add new models and new color combinations. Something completely new is coming in the fall...

10. What do you think the general trend in eyewear is going?

We think that glasses are becoming more and more of a fashion item and are finally moving away from the corner of “medical care”. We also notice that glasses wearers are increasingly better informed and have concrete ideas about material, look, etc. hat. The modern glasses wearer finds out what is currently “en vogue” on the Internet and on social platforms. This opens up great new opportunities for new and small brands like COBLENS.

Coblens Kampagne 2018

Thank you both for making yourselves available for our interview premiere. We wish you continued success.

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